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Causes and solutions of water circulation blockage of spindle motor of woodworki

As an important part in the structure of CNC engraving machine, spindle motor directly outputs torque to the engraving tool, cutting, milling and carving the material.

At present, the spindle motor is mainly divided into water cooling and air cooling, water-cooled spindle motor is widely used in woodworking engraving machine. The water-cooled spindle motor has the characteristics of low noise and high precision, but it also has its own disadvantages, that is, the waterway of water circulation is easily blocked. Today, we will analyze the causes and solutions of the water circulation blockage of spindle motor:

1.The power of the pump is too low to carry out the water cycle from low to high.

2.Water is not often replaced, and there are impurities in the water, blocking the intake of the motor, resulting in a decrease in water flow.

3.Because there is a lot of water rust accumulated in the spindle motor after long time work , which hinders the normal circulation of water, this is also the most common reason.

The solution is:Often change water, it is better to use pure water. Turn off the pump when you see the flow is not running well, connect the air compressor's pipe with the outlet, and use high pressure air to clean up the residue inside the spindle. After blowing for a while, turn on the pump again, wait until the water circulates for a while, then repeat the above method again for several times.

You should remember what pump is not important, what important is the flow must be smooth, circulation should be smooth, the container that holds water should be chosen bigger. Pay attention to the change of water temperature during long time processing. When the temperature is too high, the water should be replaced in time, because the high water temperature will reduce the performance of the motor and affect the processing efficiency.

We recommend that customers use sealed, active-cooled industrial water coolers, with minimal input for absolute safety.

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