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Solutions to the Failure of Laser Light Output from Co2 Laser Machine.

1.The laser light suddenly disappear when the machine is operating.

A: Checking whether the water chiller has sent an alarm signal.

a: If there is an alarm signal, connecting the Output and Inlet with one pipe and then checking if the alarm signal still appears. If the signal reappear, the water chiller may have problems. If the signal disappears, somethings may block the water flowing. Under the situation, please check if the water pipe was bend or pressed and confirm whether there have debris in water(replacing it with purified water).

bIf no alarm signal, Checking if the power supplier fan whirls. If it whirls,

Connecting electric line with the laser power supplier

2: To find out if there is laser light inside laser tube. If there is light, some lines on the control card may loose or the control card broke down(replacing the card). If no light in laser tube, the power supplier may break. ( There is a low possibility for laser tube breaking)(Checking if there has splashing spark at the high voltage side of laser tube, the splashing spark can burn out the power supplier and the control card parts ). If the power supplier fan do not whirl, please test the 220V port on the supplier with test pencil. If the test pencil shows electric signals, the power supplier breaks(replacing the power supplier). If no electric signal,please check the supplier switch and electric lines.

2. When the operator is not familiar withe the operation and there is no laser light after staring the machine, please check the following aspects.

a. Checking whether the laser power supplier switch is on or off.

b. Checking the water chiller is opened.

c. Checking the control board and find out if the processing power set  right and the specification of computer software set right.

d. Checking if the light path has been adjusted well(If there is laser light inside laser tube but no light from the laser head, the laser path may have problems)

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