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Application of laser engraving machine in leather processing

Laser engraving processing as a new processing method, is gradually widely used in leather, textile and garment industry for its processing precision, fast, simple operation, high degree of automation.

Embroidered by laser engraving machine for ready-made clothes

More than 2/3 textile and garment fabrics can use laser engraving machine to make a variety of digital patterns.The traditional textile fabric production needs the later processing of grinding, scalding and embossing. The laser engraving machine has the advantages of convenient making, quick, flexible pattern transformation, clear image and strong stereoscopic feeling. Able to fully show the quality of all kinds of fabrics, as well as long-lasting new and other advantages. If the combination of hollowed-out technology is the finishing point, complement each other. Fabric and garment laser embroidery suitable for: textile fabric finishing factory, fabric deep processing factory, garment factory, fabric, auxiliary material and incoming material processing enterprise.

Image laser spray of denim fabric

Through the laser irradiation of laser engraving machine, the dye of denim cloth surface is vaporized, so that the effect of image pattern that can not fade color, gradual change of flower shape, cat having to grind sand and so on is made on all kinds of denim fabrics,  has added new showpoint for denim fabric fashion.

Laser engraving machine marking on leather fabric

Laser engraving machine technology is also widely used in shoe and leather industry. The advantage of laser engraving machine is that all kinds of patterns can be carved and hollowed out quickly on all kinds of leather fabrics, and the operation is convenient and flexible. At the same time, the leather surface will not produce any deformation to reflect the color and texture of leather itself. It has many advantages, such as high precision of carving, hollowless edge, arbitrary shape selection and so on. It is suitable for the needs of shoe uppers, shoes, leather goods, handbags, bags, leather clothing and other processing manufacturers.

Laser engraving machine refers to the laser equipment connected with laser engraving software, drawing input automatic engraving operations. At present, laser engraving machine is the most mature and widely used technology in laser processing field. With this technique, any complex figure can be carved. It can do hollowed-out engraving and non-penetrating blind groove carving, thus carving out different depth, different texture, with layers and transition color effect of various magic patterns. With these advantages, laser engraving caters to the new trend of international garment processing.

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