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How to pay you?

1. For ordering the machine, you can pay us by T/T.

2. For ordering the parts in the future, you can pay us by Paypal, Western Union or Moneygram.

What is the procedure of importing your machines?

1. You pay the deposit to us by T/T.

2. We produce the machine after receive the deposit.

3. We send you picture&video when the machine ready for your inspection.

4. You pay us the balance after your confirm everything of your machine is ok.

5. We send the machine to your port by sea or air freight.

6. We post you the shipping documents to clean customs and get the machine.

7. The shipping company will call you before the machine arrive at your port, you can ask them to help you clean customs and transport the machine to your door.

Is there any warranty on your machine or parts?

1. The warranty of the machine is 24 months

2. The warrany of the laser tube is 6~10 months.

3. The warranty of the lens & mirrors is 3 months.

4. During warranty, we will send you new parts to you for replacing free of charge.

How long is the delivery time?

1. Normally, 5~7 working days after receive your advance payment. If urgent need, we can arrange overtime work.

2. For customized models, the production time is 1 week longer than normal.

Can you arrange shipment to our office?

1. Yes, we can. With DDU terms, we will arrange shipment to your office directly.

2. With CIF terms, we will arrange shipment for you and take charge of shipping machine to your destination port.

3.  For FOB terms, we will take in charge of paperwork and send machine to your shipping forwarder at our loading port.

How can I pick up the machine when it arrive at our country port?

After the machine shipping, we will send all custom clearance documents to you by TNT, DHL, and then the shipping forwarder will tell you how to change the machine with these documents.

Do you offer tech support on how to use the machine and install the machine?

1. Yes, surely, we provide tech support to you directly by video, photo, telephone, mail, teamviwer support.

2. We also send you user-manual and instruction video in CD, they will teach you how to use the machine step by step.

How should I do if the machine break down, how long to get new parts?

In case the parts break, just take a photo to us, we will send replacement one within 1 days by DHL, you should receive it within 4 days.

Do you have CE certificate? can you issue CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN?

yes,we are CE issued by ECM,its one of the best  authority organizations whol has right issue CE.
Yes,we can issue CO,FORM A,FORM E,FORM F,FTA,help you reduce import tax.

What would be my total cost of importing your machine?

The amounts would include machine cost, freight & insurance, importing fees and custom duty & tax. You may ask the broker to calculate it for you in advance.

Q.What kind machine do you offer?

We ”Zing” offers all kinds of laser engraving cutting machine, cnc router and plasma cutting machine.

Q.How to choose the model of laser machines?

It depends on the your materials maximum working area. For example, your maxi cutting/engraving area is 880*1220mm, then our Z1390(working area is 1300*900mm) is suitable for you. Here we have 300*500mm, 600*400mm, 900*600mm, 1300*900mm, 1600*1200mm, 1300*2500mm, 1600*3000mm...

Does your machine comes ready to work?

Yes, the machine comes ready to work, we have tested the machine well, you just use the machine directly after receive it.

What accessories would come with the laser machine?

The laser machine comes with standard accessories exhaust fan (exhaust pipe), air pump(air pipe), water pump(water pipe), honeycomb work table (aluminum strip work table), CD software, user-manual.

Is your laser machine difficult to learn or use?

It just takes you a few hours to become a master for laser machine, because we test the machine well, you just need to connect computer, similar with operating a printer. Once your design has been created, laser engraving or cutting is as simple as sending a file to a printer.

How should I choose the suitable laser power on your laser machine?

The laser power selection depends on the thickness of the processed material. The thicker the material is, the bigger the laser power shall be. Here is some data for your reference:

60W: max. 10mm acrylic board
80W: max. 15mm acrylic board
100W: max. 18mm acrylic board
120W: max. 20mm acrylic board
150W: max. 25mm acrylic board

Do I need different laser system for engraving or cutting?

No, you don’t need different laser system, because our laser machine is used for both engraving and cutting, one machine for both kind of jobs.

What is the lifespan of the laser tube?

We have normal laser tube and long life laser tube for your choice. For normal laser tube, its life span reaches 6000 hours. For our long life laser tube, its lifespan reaches 10000 hours.

Is there rotary attachment on your laser machines?

Yes, rotary attachment is option, the rotary attachment is for engraving things like wine bottles, cups and pens.

My door is only 70cm width, can we divide the laser machine into parts?

Yes, we can make the machine in detachable style if necessary, the machine can be separated into top and bottom parts.

Are there many maintenance cost involved when i use the laser machine?

Usually, only the laser tube needs to be replaced after around 6000~10000 hours, for example, replacing the 80W laser tube cost around $200. There is virtually no maintenance for the laser machine, the more you use the machine, the better the machine performs.

Is your laser machine satety guaranteed?

Yes, safety guaranteed, our laser machine is CE approved, in accordance with EC Declaration of Conformity. And our laser machine is closed design so the operator is optimally protected. The Emergency stop button allow you to cut the machine power immediately once the machine is working abnormally.

What computer to run your laser and what operating system required?

Both laptop or desktop are OK, the computer operating system should be Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8/10.

What is the laser software of your machine?

The laser software is Rdworks V8.

What design software do I need to design my job?

CorelDraw and AutoCAD is suggested, you can design the job and sent to Rdworks V8, then operate the machine.

What files is the Rdworks V8 software compatible with?


Your laser software support CorelDraw/AutoCAD/Adobe Illustrator plug-in directly

Yes, there is plug in for CorelDraw/AutoCAD/Adobe Illustrator, you can switch from coreldraw/AutoCAD/Adobe/Illustrator to our laser software directly.

I didn’t use laser software before? How should I do if I have problem?

We send you a user-manual of the laser software operation, and we can offer your remote assistance through TeamViewer, help you to use the laser software step by step.

Can I have a try of your laser software?

Yes,  you can download from our Tech Support-Download, or just tell us your email and we sent you the software for study first.

What materials you laser machine can engrave or cut?

Our co2 laser machine is used for engraving cutting most of nonmetal materials, like acrylic, PVC, rubber sheet, plastic, crystal, glass, wood,mdf, bamboo, oxhorn, figuline,marble, leather, cloth, double-color board, etc.

Which industry is your laser machine applicated in?

advertisement, arts and crafts, toys, textile garment, leather, car, mechanism, electron, building upholster, timekeeper and jewelry industry and so on.

Does you laser machine engrave metal?

Our co2 laser machine can engrave anodized metal and painted metal well, but can’t engrave bare metal directly. If you want engrave bare metal, then we suggest use a kind of thermark spray, it is a kind of spray help you to engrave bare metal by co2 laser machine. (The spray supplier website: www.thermark.com)

Can your co2 laser cut metal? What is the cutting thickness?

We don’t suggest you use our co2 laser machine for cutting metal, it is not suitable.

We have plasma cutting machine which is suitable for cutting the metal.

Can your laser machine engrave the image in the middle of the crystal?

No, our laser machine can only engrave on the surface of the object, not inside of the object.

Can you send a video about how your machine engrave/cut a sample?

Yes, of course, you can send us a file, we will cut / engrave the sample for view.

Are you a factory or trading company?

We are factory who has export authority and our own brand : “ZING”. Welcome visit our factory and talk details about cooperation.

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