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Analysis of the reason why laser engraving machine can't carve metal

Laser engraving machine is generally used in wood products, plexiglass, stone, crystal, Corinne, paper, two-color plate, alumina, leather, resin and so on. However, laser engraving machines have problems when carving metal, the reasons are as follows:

1. Dot-matrix engraving resembles high-definition dot-matrix printing. The laser head swung from side to side, each time carving out a line composed of a series of points, and then the laser head moved up and down at the same time to carve out a number of lines, finally forming a whole picture or text. Scanned graphics, text and vectorized graphics can be carved using a dot matrix.

2. Vector cutting is different from dot carving. Vector cutting is performed on the outer contour of the graphic. We usually use this model for penetrating cutting on wood, acrylic, paper and other materials. We can also perform marking operations on the surface of many materials.

3. Engraving speed: engraving speed refers to the speed of the laser head movement, usually expressed in IPS (inch / sec), high speed brings high production efficiency. Velocity is also used to control the depth of cut. For a given laser power, the slower the speed, the greater the depth of cut or engraving. You can use the engraving machine panel to adjust the speed, you can also use the computer's print driver to adjust. Within the range of 1% to 100%, the adjustment rate is 1%. Hummer's advanced motion control system allows you to get ultra-fine engraving quality even at high-speed engraving.

4. Engraving intensity: The engraving intensity refers to the intensity of the laser light projected onto the surface of the material. For a particular engraving speed, the greater the intensity, the greater the depth of the cut or engraving. You can adjust the intensity with the engraving machine panel or with your computer's print driver. Within the range of 1% to 100%, the adjustment rate is 1%. The greater the intensity, the greater the speed and the deeper the depth of the cut.

5. spot size: laser beam spot size can be adjusted with different focal length lenses. Small spot lenses are used for high-resolution engraving. The large spot lens is used for lower resolution engraving, but it is the best choice for vector cutting. The standard configuration of the new device is a 2.0-inch lens. Its spot size is in the middle, suitable for various occasions.

Laser engraving machines generally use CO2 lasers, and the power of laser tubes used today falls into the low to medium power range. The maximum is 300W. Originally, metal absorbed less of this medium-wavelength laser. So laser engraving machines are generally not used to engrave metal.

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