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How to judge and select cutting speed of metal laser cutting machine

In the cutting process of metal laser cutting machine, it is necessary to choose the proper cutting speed, otherwise it may cause several bad cutting results, mainly as follows:

1.When the laser cutting speed is too fast, it will cause:

Spark sprays all around

The cutting surface presents diagonal lines, and the lower half produces melting spots;

The whole section is rough.

2.Conversely, when the laser cutting speed is too slow, it will cause:

①Over melting, and the cutting surface is rougher;

②The slit is widened and dissolved at the sharp corners;

③Influence the cutting efficiency.

In order to make the laser cutting machine plays its cutting function better , we can judge the speed from the cutting sparks of the laser machine:

1.If the spark spreads from top to bottom, then the cutting speed is correct;

2.if the spark is tilted backward, it indicates that it is too fast;

3.if the spark is not diffuse and small, condenses together, it shows that it is too slow.

Customers should adjust the cutting speed according to the actual situation in order to achieve the best results.

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